The Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal adjudicates on complaints that may be levied against licensed advisers, who now number something like 1100 licensees both onshore and overseas.1 Since the appointment of the Chair of the Tribunal in October 2010, 448 complaint decisions have been issued.2

The Tribunal’s work, and the messages being sent through the decisions that have been issued, have shifted and refined over the years. Although highly specialised, it now represents a jurisdiction with influence over a statistically significant body of professional people. It is therefore timely to make observations about just some of the issues that arise out of this area of law.

This paper addresses the following topics:

  1. The changing pattern of numbers of decisions are referred and determined;
  2. Access to the messages coming out of decisions;
  3. “Lawful and informed instructions”;
  4. The personal nature of the adviser/client relationship; and
  5. No “right to silence” for advisers.

Download Here: Adviser Complaints – Where to from here? PDF

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