Client Testimonials

"I would like to thank James and Simon for the tremendous effort and advice of working through the complex issues of getting approved visas for my family.  You had a great understanding of my case which I am sure helped with the positive outcome. I will be forever grateful and will endeavour to continue using your legal knowledge in future."
John Tom, NZ Citizen

"Many thanks Simon for the great work you are doing we are very happy to put in the big wins for all of us from you for your Website.  I have no doubt you are the best Immigration Lawyers and the NZAMI trophy for 2013 was no surprise THANK YOU Thank you and Thank you again."
Licensed Immigration Adviser (NZ)



"I would like to say that the Visa Q&A session was really very informative. And as we have got our answers so now we can think ahead how we have to manage the things. So, a genuine thanks to Bill for explaining all the things from practical examples. Thank you so much for inviting us for the session."


"Following a recommendation from a friend, we contacted Laurent Law for help. Right from the start Bill and the team at Laurent Law were supportive, understanding and highly knowledgeable of the complexities of immigration law...Bill has guided us to ensure that we have provided the right information at the right time to the right people to achieve a successful result. We are sure that it is the advice and the guidance we've received from the Laurent Law team that has made all the difference between success and rejection in our daughter's case and look forward to her being able to make a life as a valuable member of NZ osciety and as a reintegrated family member along with her two children."

"Our decision to migrate to New Zealand was borne out of the desire to get a secure and stable future for our family. While we do encourage every applicant to read and understand current immigration instructions thoroughly, there are situations where availing the services of an immigration adviser is vital to  the success of the application. Laurent Law not only has the legal expertise to navigate thru immigration instructions but also a wealth of knowledge from their extensive dealings with immigration New Zealand and working thru hundreds of case files from clients.  They are fully committed to the tenets of their legal and immigration practice and thus are very honest and straightforward on the chances of the application, the challenges or issues that can arise after the application has been submitted as well as the costs associated with the application.  Simon and Bill have worked tirelessly on our case, sifting thru documents after documents, engaging with us and INZ and always exercising the highest level of integrity and professionalism." 


"You covered all the information needed and I felt your engagement with our staff was fantastic, even after all the questions they had given you to dispute your advice (understandably I know it is a sensitive topic). I also thought the case studies and examples you gave were appropriate and the session was not “a power point overkill” but instead informative and interactive.  One of the Coordinators told me after the session that you were a “breath of fresh air, and you would be someone she would entrust with immigration advise for her staff.” Some of the staff at the session also seemed happier knowing the truth even if not necessarily what they wanted. I will definitely forward our staff to you and Laurent Law for any immigration matters."

NZ Corporate in Health Services

"I am an Australian citizen and James made it possible for my NZ residence to be confirmed so I don’t keep losing my residence every time I leave NZ. We are very happy with James and with the service of Laurent Law. "

"I would definitely use you again: 1. Quality and timeliness was good. 2. Advice was excellent. 3. Definitely minimised visa challenges. What could we have done better? -Not sure on this one."
PD (NZ corporate client)


"I...think your work was very good in all respects.  You were very quick to respond to my questions and got the work done very quickly.  Speed is important to us with this kind of work. I also liked that you gave us a clear figure when we asked about a price estimate and that you were very frank with your answers to my questions...I've recommended you to a colleague of mine..."
MS (Australian corporate client)


"...Having had our SMC residence application declined and being informed we could not even apply to have our work visas renewed, Laurent Law worked with us through a successful appeal and the subsequent reassessment of our residence application. Prior to our dealings with Laurent Law we had some pretty nasty experiences with immigration which frequently left me in tears. The service we received from Laurent Law was always professional and opinion is Laurent Law were exceptional in all my dealings with them, from reception to management. Bill Milnes was amazing in his attention to detail and his constant patience and heartfelt gratitude to Laurent Law and I would not be able to recommend the company quick enough to anybody regarding immigration."
Rina and Michael

"Thank you so much for everything you have done, it's been a stressful time for me and you've made it so much easier. I really appreciate all your work, you are a legend!"

"I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service provided to me by the Laurent Law Firm and acknowledge James Turner for his professionalism while handling my special case regarding my deportation. James was a tremendous help for me, he is one of the shining examples of professional, caring and knowledgeable lawyers. He listened, advocated and kept me informed throughout the proceedings of my case. I am very pleased with the quality, responsiveness and extensive legal expertise of James. He went the extra mile to help and succeeded. I am staying in NZ, I am so happy and grateful. I would wholeheartedly recommend James and Laurent Law to any business or individual in need of legal help."


"I would like to thank Laurent Law's team, especially James Turner who guided me when I was facing deportation last year. I was provided with every information possible and all the options I have. I believe in Laurent Law's team and wasn't disappointed in the end. These guys are the best and they what they are doing. Highly recommended."

"Bill, I hope you remember me as a young Indian man who was stressed once and came to your office to get advice for student visa. I would like to appreicate your services again because your visiting fee which is $345, was very reasonable according to your services provided at that time. You helped me getting my student visa when I was asked to provide to be a bonafide student and you helped me getting my student visa approved just within few days. This time when I was seeking an immigration advice then only one name came to my mind and that was yours."


"This is my pleasure to write this letter as a thank you so much to Bill Milnes and the team from Laurent Law. I was recommended to Bill by a colleague in October 2012 when I was having issue with my work visa application. I was advised in everything, even if it's a minor change...because of his excellent experience, knowledge and professionalism, I finally got talent visa in March 2013...Thanks for all of your hard work, I will honestly reommend service of Laurent Law to my colleagues, friends and family that need immigration service in New Zealand."
Andi Family


"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Team at Laurent Law for the services provided to our company Lamson NZ Ltd. You were recommended to us by someone who had used you before and I was not disappointed. The efficiency and professional way your team processed an urgent application for a work visa which was required for David. It was lodged online on the Friday our time and approved by London their time...We were delighted with waht you were able to achieve and would definitely recommend your company to anyone who requires your services."


"I recently had the pleasure of working with Bill from Laurent case was a difficult one as I had already been declined a work visa preiously for the same position. But with Bill's knowledge and understanding of INZ, we were able to re-apply successfully...After going through this process now, I will definitely recommend that indviduals should rather seek your services from the start and not attempt to go at it alone."

"My experience dealing with Laurent Law was delightful. Having to extend my work visa was a nerve-wrecking month for me but Laurent Law helped me throughout the entire process. They have excellent knowledge with immigreation cases and were very friendly. I could sleep easily at night knowing that the best immigration lawyers in New Zealand were dealing with my case. I am now a very happy recipient of a NZ work visa. Thank you Laurent Law."
Verdi (client of James Turner)

"I have been dealing with Laurent LAw for over 5 years and every time found their services extremely professional. Simon applied for my NZ residency and got it granted. Simon also provided vital guidance throughout the whole process to ensure a positive outcome. I have been recommending Laurent Law to my family and friends ever since. A piece of advise you receive at their office if often 'outside the box' and a number of times I witnessed an alternative solution offered to their clients that I know is in contrast to other immigration advisors. 
My mother had her residency case successfuly processed... Again, full attention to the case, very precise work, follow ups on the process and residency granted as a result. A friend of mine had various Business Visa applications processed by Simon, successful every time.
Those are just highlights of services these people do and do very well. I also have friends who had trouble re-newing their expired visas and Laurent Law had that sorted. So if you ask me where to go to get an expert advise on your or someone else's immigration matters, I would confidently suggest to see Simon and the team at Laurent Law."


"...I appreciate the outstanding customer service that your staff provided during my whole residency application process. I visited your office with a hope to get a positive outcome for my residence application. Your staff was very attentive and helpful. The employees I interacted with, especially Stephan Du Plessis and Simon Laurent, seemed genuinely interested in helping me to achieve my goals, which I have been aiming to achieve for a long time. Because of your efforts, I was able to find exactly what I needed and able to submit all the documentation required for my application...I will definitely recommend your services to others. You have put together a great team that makes customers feel respected and valued. I look forward to working with your team again in the future."


"Having personally dealt with Laurent Law on 4 separate immigration cases, I would like to thank you and your team, for your consistent professionalism, efficiency and more specifically your 100% success rate...Laurent Law makes what would otherwise be a very arduous procedure, a simple step by step process, as we work through the numerous detailed requirements of the immigration department. They are always very quick to respond to my queries, giving an in-depth, well thought out response at all times that makes me feel that my case is their number one priority, when in reality they are likely dealing with so many other clients."
Kerry Johnstone, Aida


"The last 6 years have been challenging, fraught with frustration and anxiety in not knowing what the future holds for us and securing PR heralds in a new beginning and chapter in our lives; now we can move forward and start leading normal lives with some certainty. All thanks is due to Laurent Law without whom this would not have been possible...Laurent Law is meticulous and very thorough and it's a reflief knowing that we allowed them to do what they do best and entrusted Laurent LAw with our application and the belief that they will always act in our best interests."


"Just to let you know that our residence got approved on Friday last week. Just want to thank you for all your help. I will refer all future clients your way because we have seen the professional way you handled our case."
Donovan and Annie


"I am writing this letter to show my gratitute toward you for helping us with all our paper work that you've handled for us. We really appreciate for all the help you have given throught with our residence application. We felt that you had taken personal care of our residence application as you were aware of every single step and had given us the right information about each and every step at all the time. Couldn't thank you enough."
Meenakashi & Davinder


"I am writing this letter as a thank you and a token of my gratitude......I was advised in everything I did, even if it was a minor change, which goes to show how thoroughly they went through all the hard work I had put in...they seemed genuinely set on keeping us in New Zealand.......Everytime I'd finish a conversation with Laurent Law, I was confident they'd gotten us a step closer to our sponsorship. Not only do they know exactly what they are doing, they go above and beyond to help out their clients."
Ines & Jason


 "Even if a client with a critical issue with immigration matters approaches at the last minute, the team at Laurent Law rendered good support to assist the client."


"I was recommended to Laurent Law by a colleague / friend in August 2013 when I was having issue with my WV immigration application and my current immigration agent weren't able to help much.  Meeting Simon, he had given me great input about my case and how he...was going to approach my case. Basically, I get a great deal of two expert helping me on this matter. They manage to have my case sorted in a month time which was a great relief to me that time. This year my WV is due for renewal, as always when dealing with these situation there is so much uncertainty involved, I have reappointed Sam from Laurent Law to have my application sorted, although this time the process took a fair bit longer but he had always been helpful, gave me confidence that he look after my case well and his great attention to details.  Sam had given me great advice during & after the process of my application.  I was so delighted when my application was approved again.  I am really looking forward for my residency and future in NZ now!"


"I would like to thank you, Simon and your team as I could not have done it without your knowledge, professionalism, persistence and support. I can recall my first visit to see yourself and Simon with expired visitor's visas for both of my parents, and now they have been granted a chance of becoming NZ residents. Simon has always been very professional, approachable, trusting and very knowledgeable and I will definitely tell friends, family and work colleagues about your services."


"This is amazing news!! Sarb called me last night to tell me and I said she better double check with you because it seemed too good to be true!! Thank you for all your help! This is brilliant news!!"
Kate - Regional Manager (NZ)


"It was a pleasure to benefit from Laurent Law services, you and Simon in specific, especially when I did the search online by myself with no one to guide or refer me to look for reputed lawyers to handle my IPT application and later to get the INZ re-evaluating my application from such far country like Pakistan. I have found myself lucky in both ways that your team is looking on things diligently and addressing the issues and giving the customer prompt and correct updates and feedback. I would be more than happy to recommend you to my colleagues and friends who ever will be looking to get guidance and help in relation to matters related with New Zealand immigration or appeals to INZ. Thanks once again to all your team members."
Farhan (Pakistan)


"First I would like to say thank you for granting my visa!  Visa for me its more then just a word, its a opportunity to help people here in NZ enjoy the sport I love. Again I am so thankful for the opportunity to stay and help many."
Professional Ice Hockey Player/Coach (Canada)


"Praise God for the wonderful work you and your wonderful team have done. THANK YOU so very much for your dedication! Words can't express my joy for Chris and this outcome. I hope his future in NZ for the long term can now move forward."
Alicia - Director (NZ)


"Really appreciate all your efforts in getting this over the line."
Kayne - Executive Vice President of Finance (USA)


"Thanks Bill, for all your hard work and support over the past few months."
Tammie - Human Recources Administrator (NZ)