Legal Support for Licensed Immigration Advisers...

From 5 May 2010 almost everyone who wants to provide immigration advice, including offshore advisers, must be licensed with the Immigration Advisers' Authority (IAA). They must prove a working knowledge of Immigration law and policy, and the necessary systems in order to offer a professional service to migrants. Lawyers and certain other groups do not have to be licensed. Immigration New Zealand will not deal with Advisers who are not registered.

If you operate an immigration consultancy you may already have encountered difficult cases which need extra time and effort. But you want to focus on building and running a profitable business. You and your staff don't have time to argue fine points of Policy with Immigration on a few "hard cases".  However, as a registered Immigration Adviser you are expected to provide a complete service to all your clients.

We can work together...

Solving the "hard cases" is what we do best. We have invested in the knowledge and resources to get results. See examples of our success in the Courts and before Immigration Tribunals.

Instruct us to help your clients to succeed. You keep your clients and add value to your service by making us part of your team of professionals working for them.

We can usually quote fixed fees for each assignment. Alternatively, sign up for our monthly subscription service.

Subscription Service...

For a fixed monthly fee, have a specialist from Laurent Law "on tap" whenever you want to ask a question or solve a problem.

We have already successfully assisted consultants with this system – and not just with immigration problems. Let us help you to draft contracts, resolve employment issues, and collect debts.  Increasingly, too, we have reeived instructions to represent Licensed Advisers who face complaints from former clients.  We are almost the only law firm in New Zealand with past experience in this niche area.

As we spend time with you we will learn more about the way you work. We can find better ways to serve your interests.

Make us part of your team. Have the benefit of in-house legal counsel without the associated overhead cost.

 Make direct contact with Simon Laurent to discuss a scheme that works for you.