I was awarded a Level 7 qualification by a New Zealand institution and now hold a Post-Study Work Visa. Can I get another Work Visa?

You can usually only hold one Post-Study Work Visa. At the end of your Post-Study Work Visa, you will need to apply for a Work Visa under one of the other available Work Visa categories. As at December 2021 this is usually an Essential Skills Work Visa (however note: this is likely to change during 2022 as INZ will be introducing a new Work Visa category to replace a number of the current Work Visa categories).

You can be granted a second Post-Study Work Visa in some limited situations which include:
– you have undertaken and completed a second higher qualification that is either a New Bachelor degree or postgraduate qualification, and have studied that qualification full-time in New Zealand for at least 30 weeks; or
– you are working towards occupational registration.