I have a work visa for a specific job which is stated on my visa, but my employer can no longer pay me and has stopped giving me a job.

If you hold an Essential Skills Work Visa, you may be able to apply for a variation of conditions if you can get a new job which is the same type and in the same location as your current job. If your type of job and/or location is changing, you will need to apply for a new Work Visa.

If you hold a Talent (accredited employer) Work Visa, you can vary the conditions of your Work Visa to work for another accredited employer, provided the new job meets the $79,560 base salary and all other requirements for the grant of a Talent (accredited employer) Work Visa.

If you don’t successfully apply to vary the conditions on your Visa or apply for a new Visa, you will be in breach of the conditions on your Visa which if left too long could result in the issue of a deportation liability notice.