My application has been declined.  Should I go to the Minister of Immigration?

In general, the answer is No.  The chances of successfully obtaining intervention from the Minister are remote.  There are only a few rare cases where it is worth considering going to the Minister for a “special direction”.

Asking the Minister to help you should be the last resort.  In reality, it can only be pursued if there is no other process available.  Getting a special direction relies on identifying something truly special about your case, and not simply because your application or appeal has been declined.

Instead, you should seek expert advice on whether to try this avenue, or whether you have other, better options.  For example:

  • If your temporary visa application is declined, you can ask Immigration to give the case to another visa officer for a reconsideration. You have 14 days after the decision is sent to you in order to do this.
  • If your Residence application is declined, you have a right to appeal to the Immigration & Protection Tribunal.
  • If your case was declined some time ago, then consider a “section 61” request for visa.

Whatever your situation, you must take action as soon as you know that your application has been declined.  The time to follow these and other options can run out very fast.