Buying and Selling Property

For many people, dealing with property is the biggest deal they’ll ever make. Put this in the hands of professionals.

Laurent Law was one of the first Auckland firms to adopt e-dealing – full electronic registration of property transactions.

Most property transactions can be done on a fixed fee which includes registration and search charges. This means that when the work is done our bill is not a nasty surprise. Contact us to get a quote now.

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Trusts and Property

There may be very good reasons to consider putting your home or investment into a trust, to protect your assets and to gain legitimate tax advantages.

Making proper arrangements for your assets gives you peace of mind and can save you from expensive litigation in the future.

Laurent Law leaves asset planning, especially through the use of trusts, to those who are experts in tax and accounting. However, we work closely with wealth advisers to provide legal support including transfer of property, enduring powers of attorney and wills. Talk to us about being referred to the right adviser.


Everyone needs a will. If you die without leaving a will, your assets and your dependent children must be dealt with by the Courts. Unlike some lawyers we charge a fee to prepare your will. This is because it is worth getting it right.

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