Work Visa Enquiry

Complete our Enquiry Form so that we can tell you whether you should apply for a Work Visa.  Let us take the uncertainty out of your New Zealand immigration situation.  Many people find it difficult to get a Work Visa.  We can save you time, stress and money very quickly.

The Enquiry Form is intended for people who already have a job in New Zealand, or who have a Job Offer.  If you do not have an offer of work in New Zealand then we advise you not to complete the Enquiry Form.

We will ask you questions about your qualifications, work experience and other important information which we need.  Make sure that you answer all questions.  Give us as much detail as possible so that we can accurately assess your case.  You can also upload your CV or resumé which may be very helpful to us.

It costs $300.00 (add 15% GST if you are in New Zealand at the time) to Submit your Work Visa Enquiry Form to us.  Use your PayPal account to make payment with a few clicks.  You will then get access to our Enquiry Form right away.

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