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We have been doing New Zealand immigration for a long time. Why? Because it is really satisfying to help change people’s lives, by finding new ways to attack the problems that they bring to us. We love the many challenges of this work, which keep changing from week to week.

Getting to a solution sometimes calls us to use left-field thinking, going beyond the surface facts. We can’t always find the winning answer. But our track record of success shows that we don’t like to give up or to lose.

At Laurent Law we bring nearly 40 years of combined experience to the table. Let us put them to work for you.

Immigration Hard Cases

We have a strong record of success in sorting out situations that at first seem impossible


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Corporate Migration

Let us use our extensive experience to deal with it, so you can focus on your work

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In most cases we can set a fixed fee for our work. Find out more about our flat fees, estimates and client agreements.

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Joanna & Tomas

“Excellent Service”

We are extremely grateful to Sahar for successfully handling our difficult case. She was responsive, knowledgeable, and patient. Going above and beyond, Sahar reached out and ensured my employer’s continued support, a vital element in our immigration process. We could not have asked for better representation. Thank you, Sahar, and thank you Laurent Law.  


Joanna & Tomas (clients of Sahar Shamia)


“He would certainly be my first choice…”


I was introduced to Simon by another lawyer who told me that I should ‘contact Simon – there is ‘nothing he doesn’t know about immigration in New Zealand’. To be honest, I have no idea if that is true – but what I do know is that; 1) he has always been able to answer my questions 2) has never had to ‘retract’ – because he later discovered ‘something else’. But beyond ‘knowing his stuff’, I also found Simon helpful, available, quick to respond and generally on top of the entire process. He would certainly be my first choice for anything that crops up in the future.

John (client of Simon Laurent)


“What great news!!!”


I am very happy and I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team.

Jorge (client of Sahar Shamia)

Marcy & family

“Thank you for another amazing, excellent service.”


My heart mixed of emotions knowing finally my family are holding visas allowing them to join me in New Zealand.

Marcy & family (clients of Sahar Shamia)


“I am teary eyed at the moment – tears of joy definitely”


Thank you so much that is great news! We are very thankful for your help and to the rest of Laurent Law company and making this happen my Visa Residency. We are looking forward for your assistance in the future- for Permanent Residency.

Racquel (client of Sahar Shania & Simon Laurent)


“Thank you for making this happen”


I would like to thank you for taking us in and helping us. All the pains and sacrifices that me and my family had to go through resulted into this blessing.

We will be forever grateful for your help. And not only will I give my testimony and positive feedback on your website, your names and firm will be in my mouth for a very very long period of time when talking to my friends and the congregation I belong.

Again from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making it happen!

Jonathan (client of Sahar Shamia)


“We are grateful to Laurent Law (James Turner). Highly recommended”


We are truly honored and grateful for the services of Laurent Law (James Turner as our lawyer). We chose them as we really need a lawyer who can help us on our declined resident visa application.

James Turner never failed us. His expertise, commitment and hard work were unquestionable.

My family and I were grateful and happy to Laurent Law especially to our lawyer James Turner, he is the best lawyer. We’re happy with their services and outcome.

N R P (Clients of James Turner)


“Thank you for your great professionalism”


Thank you for your great professionalism and excellent work performance that helped me get the Work to Residence visa, so appreciated your help!

Lucy (client of Sahar Shamia)


“Please accept my gratitude again”


Really glad to hear that from u!!!!!! We do appreciate your hard working on my case and this really supports me go through the hard time emotionally. Please accept my gratitude again.

Ziyi (client of Sahar Shamia)

Christine van der Walt

“It’s worth every dollar”


Have the best team on your side, its worth every dollar.

Christine van der Walt (client of Simon Laurent & Sahar Shamia)

Stephan van der Walt

“Thank you”


Thank you Mr. Laurent for your great services. Your firm assisted us through a very difficult time in our lives. Keep up your excellence.

Stephan van der Walt (client of Simon Laurent & Sahar Shamia)


“The Words Thank You Is Not Enough”

I want to thank you for making my Immigration Visa Processing cum Immigration Journey very pleasant, without any errors or hassles. The word thank you is not enough because your effort and support has changed our life. I am very grateful and happy to tell you that finally our dream has come true.
I highly recommend Sahar Shamia for any assistance regarding immigration process.


Saurabh R (client of Sahar Shamia)


“Thank you Laurent Law for all”


I contacted them to have a consultation regarding my visa application which I have already applied myself. They did a zoom consultation for almost an hour and gave me advice. They also assessed my email to immigration and they did all of that for free. I have just got my visa approval! Thank you Laurent Law for all.

Reza Natoori (client of Sahar Shamia & Simon Laurent)


“I can’t think of any better Lawyer to deal with”


I had battled with immigration issues for more than a decade without success, this made my case very complex. I even reached out to a big law firm, but they said that I didn’t have any avenue to stay in New Zealand legally. All that changed when I approached Laurent Law. Throughout the whole process, they were honest, had a real drive to present my case to the best of their ability, and I felt that they cared about my situation. I can’t think of any better Lawyer to deal with immigration issues than them.

Theodore (client of Simon Laurent and James Turner)


“Thank you JAMES”


Thank you JAMES and his team so much when he helps my fathers’ visa application in the last mins.
We do apply the visitor visa by ourselves, we think it is very simply but it was not. The immigration officer gives us a limited time to give more support for the visa application. We are asking many immigration advisors or lawyers for the advice but some of them can not help in urgent time and some of them says that there is no chance for my father to get the exception. We found James who help us to achieve the good result smoothly and fast. James understand very well our situation and he picks very little information which is useful for the visa application. He is very professional lawyer.
Thanks again for helping our family.

N P (client of James Turner)

Jacqui & Quintin

“Sincerely thanks again team!”


Accurate, Honest, Trustworthy & Understanding of their clients’ needs. Simon and James are truly a powerful duo in the Immigration industry. Seasoned, caring professionals who are highly knowledgeable and well versed on all current legislation with respect to NZ Immigration’s policies. You guys are truly the best in your Industry.

Jacqui & Quintin (clients of Simon Laurent & James Turner)

David Benjamin

“We felt the combination of Simon Laurent and James Turner was really strong”


We used Laurent Law for a permanent resident (PR) application for my partner. We felt the combination of Simon Laurent and James Turner was really strong. Simon was referred to us and was very knowledgeable during the introductory meeting, he and James helped craft a strategy for our application, then James helped us day to day as we prepared/submitted the application. We originally heard that the application process could take up to a year, but our residence application was granted within two months. James helped us feel comfortable throughout the process and also helped us craft the right response to the additional information request. I recommend them to anyone looking for someone to assist with the PR application!

David Benjamin (client of James Turner)

Alan Li

“Extremely grateful to have found Laurent Law….”

 Extremely grateful to have found LaurentLaw to help with my resident’s visa which required a special direction to be approved. James has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Professional, efficient and has always been prompt and clear in his communication. Would recommend LaurentLaw to anyone who needs immigration advice/legal assistance. Thank you once again for all your hard work.

Alan Li (client of James Turner)

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