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We have been doing New Zealand immigration for a long time. Why? Because it is really satisfying to help change people’s lives, by finding new ways to attack the problems that they bring to us. We love the many challenges of this work, which keep changing from week to week.

Getting to a solution sometimes calls us to use left-field thinking, going beyond the surface facts. We can’t always find the winning answer. But our track record of success shows that we don’t like to give up or to lose.

At Laurent Law we bring nearly 40 years of combined experience to the table. Let us put them to work for you.

Immigration Hard Cases

We have a strong record of success in sorting out situations that at first seem impossible


If you are considering buying a business in New Zealand or wanting to move and invest – we can help you

Corporate Migration

Let us use our extensive experience to deal with it, so you can focus on your work

Certainty of Fees

In most cases we can set a fixed fee for our work. Find out more about our flat fees, estimates and client agreements.

Book a consultation at a reduced fee of $190.00 with our team.

Informative Videos

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“I will never forget”

I will never forget your great efforts Miss. Sahar, a million thanks. 

Hanif (client of Sahar Shamia)

Madin Phagami

“Sahar and her team are very professional”

Sahar and her team are very professional and knowledgeable, they provide quick response to questions and concerns. Helped approved my visa in a few weeks.

Madin Phagami (client of  Sahar Shamia)

Jeanne van der Westhuizen

“I am happy to recommend James Turner”

I am happy to recommend James Turner of LaurentLaw for any immigration-related legal needs. My experience with James was excellent from start to finish. He was thorough, professional, and available to answer my questions and reassure me. He took the time to understand my situation, explained the process clearly, and guided me through every step of the way, proactively identifying potential issues and using effective strategies to overcome them. He kept me informed throughout the entire process.

I highly recommend James and LaurentLaw to anyone seeking expert immigration legal services.


Jeanne van der Westhuizen (client of James Turner)


“Wow this is actually unbelievable!”

Many people said that this was not going to be possible, but I guess it is with perseverance and a good immigration lawyer. I also hope that it can help you guys with clients in similar situations in the future.

We would definitely be happy to work with you again once we are ready for the next step!

Cole (client of James Turner)

George Yan

“Really appreciate your help with this”

You are really nice and professional, definitely highly recommended to anyone I know.

 George (Client of James Turner)

Dean Urquhart

“Laurent Law came to us highly recommended”

Laurent Law came to us highly recommended by our counsel to help us navigate a complex immigration matter for our family from South Africa. From the very first meeting with James Turner, we were put at ease with his knowledge, expertise and experience in dealing with difficult cases. We cannot recommend Laurent Law highly enough for their professionalism, taking time to know your unique situation and for the very personal touch they provide…. If you require expert immigration advice from a team with a proven and trustworthy track record, from our experience, Laurent Law exceeded our expectations and with successful outcome for our family.

Dean U (client of James Turner)


“Thank you so much for this welcome notifcation!”

This is wonderful news and we are overjoyed that E has received her permanent resident visa. And for it to be granted with no travel conditions is an answer to our prayers. Thank you so very much for your help and for all you did in putting this application together from your end. We really appreciate all your hard work and expertise in handling the application.

Helen (client of Sahar Shamia)


“THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Wow – I have tears in my eyes and am so incredibly grateful!!! I will definitely write a glowing review for you and tell all I know about your incredible help and service.

Chris (client of James Turner)

Damian Dionisio

“Thank you so much!”

We are so happy and blessing. This change our life definitely. Thank you for all the job you have done.

Damian (client of  Sahar Shamia)

Sayem Choudhury

“One of the best”

They are one of the best …. Thanks James and Simon.


Sayem Choudhury (client of James Turner)


“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your excellent work on my case”

You have been a great advocate and a trusted advisor throughout this challenging process. I appreciate your professionalism, your dedication, and your compassion.


Mohammad (client of Sahar Shamia)

Piyamat & Dave

“Great news”

“That’s great news, thank you. Hi Sahar thank you so much for all your Hard work with Immigration this is great news thank you again from Piyamat and I wow happy happy.”

Piyamat & Dave (clients of Sahar Shamia)

Joanna & Tomas

“Excellent Service”

We are extremely grateful to Sahar for successfully handling our difficult case. She was responsive, knowledgeable, and patient. Going above and beyond, Sahar reached out and ensured my employer’s continued support, a vital element in our immigration process. We could not have asked for better representation. Thank you, Sahar, and thank you Laurent Law.  


Joanna & Tomas (clients of Sahar Shamia)


“He would certainly be my first choice…”


I was introduced to Simon by another lawyer who told me that I should ‘contact Simon – there is ‘nothing he doesn’t know about immigration in New Zealand’. To be honest, I have no idea if that is true – but what I do know is that; 1) he has always been able to answer my questions 2) has never had to ‘retract’ – because he later discovered ‘something else’. But beyond ‘knowing his stuff’, I also found Simon helpful, available, quick to respond and generally on top of the entire process. He would certainly be my first choice for anything that crops up in the future.

John (client of Simon Laurent)


“What great news!!!”


I am very happy and I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team.

Jorge (client of Sahar Shamia)

Marcy & family

“Thank you for another amazing, excellent service.”


My heart mixed of emotions knowing finally my family are holding visas allowing them to join me in New Zealand.

Marcy & family (clients of Sahar Shamia)


“I am teary eyed at the moment – tears of joy definitely”


Thank you so much that is great news! We are very thankful for your help and to the rest of Laurent Law company and making this happen my Visa Residency. We are looking forward for your assistance in the future- for Permanent Residency.

Racquel (client of Sahar Shamia & Simon Laurent)


“Thank you for making this happen”


I would like to thank you for taking us in and helping us. All the pains and sacrifices that me and my family had to go through resulted into this blessing.

We will be forever grateful for your help. And not only will I give my testimony and positive feedback on your website, your names and firm will be in my mouth for a very very long period of time when talking to my friends and the congregation I belong.

Again from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making it happen!

Jonathan (client of Sahar Shamia)

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