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Auckland is now at Alert Level 3 lockdown until further notice. We are open for business but not for face to face contact. You can still consult with us via Skype/telephone or Zoom. At Alert Level 3, there are restrictions to keep workers safe, limit interaction with customers and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for understanding

Immigration Specialists Since 1996

We have been doing New Zealand immigration for a long time.  Why?  Because it is really satisfying to help change people’s lives, by finding new ways to attack the problems that they bring to us.  We love the many challenges of this work, which keep changing from week to week.

Getting to a solution sometimes calls us to use left-field thinking, going beyond the surface facts.  We can’t always find the winning answer.  But our track record of success shows that we don’t like to give up or to lose.

At Laurent Law we bring nearly 40 years of combined experience to the table.  Let us put them to work for you.

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Medical Waivers

Contact us for more information on Investor options and a free guide  or visit our News section for our other videos.

Immigration Hard Cases

We have a strong record of success in sorting out situations that at first seem impossible

Corporate Migration

Let us use our extensive experience to deal with it, so you can focus on your work


If you are considering buying a business in New Zealand or wanting to move and invest – we can help you

Certainty of Fees

In most cases we can set a fixed fee for our work. Find out more about our flat fees, estimates and client agreements.


  • Testimonials for Laurent LawLicensed Immigration Adviser (NZ)

    "Big wins for all of us"

    Many thanks Simon for the great work you are doing we are very happy to put in the big wins for all of us from you for your Website.  I have no doubt you are the best Immigration Lawyers and the NZAMI trophy for 2013 was no surprise THANK YOU Thank you and Thank you again.  
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawJohn, NZ Citizen

    "Tremendous effort and advice"

    I would like to thank James and Simon for the tremendous effort and advice of working through the complex issues of getting approved visas for my family.  You had a great understanding of my case which I am sure helped with the positive outcome. I will be forever grateful and will endeavour to continue using your legal knowledge in future.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawNick

    "We are both speechless"

      We are both speechless and incredibly grateful for your skill and help! Thank you again and we will definitely be using you for D's residency once we take a little moment here.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawImmigration New Zealand

    "Thanks for your patience"

    Thanks for your patience during this time and for your assistance with the application and the further processes we undertook to get a favourable outcome for Ben.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawMohoti

    "Thank you so much for your information and help!!!!"

    Waiting to hear some positive feedback from our case officer once she returns back to work. And by the way, I sent one of my good friends, Ruchira to see you. I just received a call from him and he is really happy with your service. Have a nice day !!!    
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawHendrik Wentzel

    "........nothing but experts" 

      Difficult business to get a good rating, these guys are nothing but experts. It is not fair to give a bad rating based on NZ immigration decisions. These guys do the best they can and their advice is to the point and factual. Obviously not what everybody wants to hear.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawJeremy Sutton (Divorce Lawyer)

    "Good advice"

      Always give our clients good advice.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawSaloni Jain

    "Cooperative and professional"

    The team is cooperative and professional. They do things which are very well organised. They coordinate and cooperate with clients...Thanks team.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawDM MA

    5-Star Review

    Simon and his team are always recommended by me to other people. Very professional service, and fast.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawMadhavi (client of Sahar Shamia)

    "I made a right decision choosing your firm"

    I appreciate your clarity you give to your clients through your emails. From my bottom of my heart I wish you a good and prosperous future. I confirm I made a right decision choosing your firm and lucky having you as our representative.  
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawRecruitment Consultant for Erico

    "Wow that was quick"

    Wow that was quick I did not expect a result so swiftly! Marvellous news and thanks for all the work you have done making this happen Sahar.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawInvestor (client of Simon Laurent)

    "Thoroughly recommended"

    Thoroughly recommended. Extremely professional and experienced firm from initial assessment to final delivery. Simon and his team took on what should have been a straightforward application for residency investment visa. INZ went back 13 years into business history wanting details and explanations. Records were not available as they are disposed off after 7 years in our country. Simon was able to work with the scraps of information available from emails to make an excellent summary and understanding of the business history at that time and help educate INZ on a very specialized area of business transactions. We began to feel that we really were not wanted in NZ by INZ at many times and felt like giving up. Simon continued to battle our corner with great determination , accuracy and points of law. At no point were we asked for more funds as we would have expected from any other lawyer in the world. Simon honored his fixed price deal. Don"t bother looking anywhere else.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawCorporate Client (of Sahar Shamia)

    "Appreciate the work"

    Thanks for your help guiding us through the visa process and ultimately the positive result. Appreciate the work you put in.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawSara Mostafa

    "Many thanks for Sahar and Simon"

    Many thanks for Sahar and Simon , accurate at work, deserve trust, thanks for working on my application so quickly and caring , I will come back again without hesitation, also i will recommend Sahar for my friends and family , Fahad & Sara.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawMonica and Shahab

    "We were pleased with the service offered"

    The consultation was very useful for us and got us on the right path. We were pleased with the service offered by both your office staff, James and Sahar.  
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawLicensed immigration adviser

    "I will always recommend you"

    Regardless of the outcome, I will always recommend you to help persons in trouble and in need of a solicitor!
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawSatomi

    "Thank you for your dedicated and patient work"

    Simon, thank you for your dedicated and patient work for our client's permanent residence application. His family are very pleased that they were able to obtain it.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawChristine

    "Many thanks"

    I appreciate the speed with which we were able to get the consultation scheduled and the great advice we received from Simon and James.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawSaurabh and Ravinder

    "Woohoo! Yeeeeh."

    Thank you so much Sahar. We are really happy today. You have been such a great help.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawNick Baskaran

    "Very professional and knowledgeable team"

    Very professional and knowledgeable team. I applied for residency through them and the outcome was successful. The reason I got my residency even in this tough environment was because the firm and in particular James Turner (senior solicitor) was able to build the link between what I studied in NZ, my current job and my Indian work experience. It wasn't straight forward at all and I would not have been able to do it on my own. Nz immigration asked for all sorts of information from India going back 12 years. Some of this information wasn't even available. This is were their expertise and knowledge of NZ immigration came into play and in the end my residency application was approved. I would recommend them.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawBill & Pauline (client of Sahar Shamia)

    "This is fantastic news"

    Thank you so much for all the work behind the scenes you have done for us. We are both very impressed on how well you understood what was required to get the visa. We will be recommending you to anyone needing an NZ Visa.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawMrs Perera

    "Highly recommend their immigration service"

    Laurent Law guided me and my husband throughout our immigration journey from student visa to permanent residency. James Turner effectively dealt with complex Australian immigration background of my husband. Highly recommend their immigration service.


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