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  • Testimonials for Laurent LawLicensed Immigration Adviser (NZ)

    "Big wins for all of us"

    Many thanks Simon for the great work you are doing we are very happy to put in the big wins for all of us from you for your Website.  I have no doubt you are the best Immigration Lawyers and the NZAMI trophy for 2013 was no surprise THANK YOU Thank you and Thank you again.  
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawJohn, NZ Citizen

    "Tremendous effort and advice"

    I would like to thank James and Simon for the tremendous effort and advice of working through the complex issues of getting approved visas for my family.  You had a great understanding of my case which I am sure helped with the positive outcome. I will be forever grateful and will endeavour to continue using your legal knowledge in future.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawNick

    "We are both speechless"

      We are both speechless and incredibly grateful for your skill and help! Thank you again and we will definitely be using you for D's residency once we take a little moment here.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawImmigration New Zealand

    "Thanks for your patience"

    Thanks for your patience during this time and for your assistance with the application and the further processes we undertook to get a favourable outcome for Ben.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawEdna

    "Great Effort"

    Thank you so much for your great effort together with your team.  Well done!  I can finally spend my whole life with my family without worrying about my visa status.  I highly recommend your service as you have shown great professionalism and compassion.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawMohoti

    "Thank you so much for your information and help!!!!"

    Waiting to hear some positive feedback from our case officer once she returns back to work. And by the way, I sent one of my good friends, Ruchira to see you. I just received a call from him and he is really happy with your service. Have a nice day !!!    
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawHendrik Wentzel

    "........nothing but experts" 

      Difficult business to get a good rating, these guys are nothing but experts. It is not fair to give a bad rating based on NZ immigration decisions. These guys do the best they can and their advice is to the point and factual. Obviously not what everybody wants to hear.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawJeremy Sutton (Divorce Lawyer)

    "Good advice"

      Always give our clients good advice.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawSaloni Jain

    "Cooperative and professional"

    The team is cooperative and professional. They do things which are very well organised. They coordinate and cooperate with clients...Thanks team.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawBill

    I am still here........thanks in large part to Laurent Law

      I signed on with Laurent Law after living in New Zealand for several months. I wanted to stay longer than my visitor's visa permitted because I had fallen in love with the country and with one of its citizens. From our first meeting, Laurent Law treated me and my partner with courtesy and respect as they expertly guided us through the often intricate steps of applying to New Zealand Immigration for a longer stay. I am still here, happily so, thanks in large part to Laurent Law. I wholeheartedly recommend their staff and services to anyone confronting immigration issues.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawRebecca (client of Jacqui Lee)

    "Please accept my very humble thanks"

      This is an honour and privilege, having this great opportunity to show my appreciation and to thank each and everyone of you for all the assistance and help that you assisted me with in this time of my seeking help with my Student Visa. Please accept my very humble thanks to everyone who played a part in assisting my Visa. Thank you so much and may you all continue to help out those who are in need and on the same boat as myself.      
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawJanice & Oriane (clients of Jacqui Lee)

    "Thank you"

    Thank you for all your help. We are really happy and I am really excited to be able to stay 3 more years in NZ.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawAnn (client of Jacqui Lee)

    "A very happy man"

    Malkit has contacted me, a very happy man. Thanks for a great job in getting it organised for us. Now we can move forward.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawGaylyn (client of Dew James)

    'None of this would have been possible without Dew and Simon"

    I spoke to a friend who said to contact Simon Laurent at Laurent Law because in her opinion he is the best,  so I did, after [sic] a conversation with Simon and after some awesome advice we decided we had to use them, no matter the cost, this was going to be my immigration lawyer. None of this would have been possible without Dew and Simon from Laurent law [sic] I [sic] will for ever [sic] be great full [sic] and recommend them to anyone with any immigration [sic] no matter how big or small.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawDM MA

    5-Star Review

    Simon and his team are always recommended by me to other people. Very professional service, and fast.
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawRichard, Marie and Harry

    Your advice and support was key

    Thanks very much for sharing the great news, it's the perfect start to the New Year. Thanks also to Dew James and Simon Laurent for their great work. Your advice and support was key in winning support from INZ for me and my family to remain living in New Zealand. We look forward to returning to New Zealand in March and moving forward with our lives, careers and making memories.  
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawMr and Mrs Perera

    "Very efficient 

    James Turner was very efficient in handling our PR visas. He was approachable and helpful in every step of the process.  Simon Laurent also offered valuable advice when needed. We highly recommend their service Mr and Mrs Perera."
  • Testimonials for Laurent LawMadhavi (client of Sahar Shamia)

    I made a right decision choosing your firm

    "I appreciate your clarity you give to your clients through your emails. From my bottom of my heart I wish you a good and prosperous future. I confirm I made a right decision choosing your firm and lucky having you as our representative."  


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