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Do you have relatives living in New Zealand who can sponsor you, or do you want to bring one of your loved ones to live with you here? Find out your options.



Partnership category visas enable a New Zealand Resident or Citizen to sponsor their partner for:

  • a Work Visa if you have lived together for less than a year; or
  • Residence right away if you have lived together for at least a year.

You must prove that you have been in a “genuine and stable” relationship. We have many years of experience in helping people to gather the evidence to prove their relationship.

We also have expertise in a special category of Visitor’s Visa for people who are engaged to enter a traditional arranged marriage. This allows you to marry your partner after you arrive in New Zealand, and is a path to Residence.

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Family Residence

New Zealand Residents or Citizens can sponsor the following people for Residence:

  • parents
  • dependent children who are under 25 years old, single and not working for themselves

In most cases, the sponsor must have Residence or Citizenship for at least the last three years. Certain other Policy restrictions apply to each category of application.

The Parent Residence scheme is now open. This enables New Zealand adult children who earn enough to sponsor their parents to come here to live. Read our Parent Residence Guide to learn more.

You can no longer sponsor your brother or sister under the Sibling and Adult Child Policy, as this was closed permanently in May 2012. If they wish to come to New Zealand they must now consider Skilled Migrant Residence.

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Retirement Age Policies

The Government has also introduced visa policies to help older people to come to New Zealand:

  • Parent/Grandparent category multiple entry Visitor’s Visas allowing a stay of up to 18 months over a 3-year period
  • Temporary Retirement category Visitor’s Visas for people aged 66 or over who can bring at least NZ$0.75 million to invest in New Zealand
  • Parent Retirement category Residence Visas for parents of New Zealand Residents or Citizens who can bring at least NZ$1 million to invest in New Zealand. This is a fast-track version of the usual sponsored Parent Residence policy.

Contact us to find out more about these Polices and to see if you qualify. Also read our Retirement Visa Guide for more details.

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