For people who have skills that New Zealand needs, plus relevant work experience and qualifications. Perhaps you have an offer of a New Zealand job.

It is a points-based system that can lead to permanent residency and eventually citizenship.

The application process has 2 stages:

1) Expression of Interest (EOI)

You must score enough points to be invited to apply for Residency later (see below). Points are awarded for a number of factors including:

  • an offer of a job in New Zealand – most people need this, unless they have a post-graduate degree (higher than a Bachelor’s qualification)
  • previous work experience
  • qualifications relevant to your work
  • your age

We provide a first Assessment to tell you whether you should apply. If we tell you that you should apply, we can help you to complete the online EOI. Contact us to enquire now.

2) Full Residence Application

You must score enough points from the EOI to receive an Invitation to Apply for Residence. At this stage you supply all documents to prove that you are entitled to the points which you claimed in the EOI. We manage the application process through to the final decision.

Offer of Employment

You usually must have an offer of “skilled employment” to succeed in a Skilled Migrant Residence application. We have a lot of experience in working out if your job will be accepted. This can be a complex process which involves the following factors:

  • The description of your job and the tasks which you normally do
  • Comparing this to how that job is described on the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO)
  • Your salary
  • Your previous qualifications and work experience
  • Whether your job fits into the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) maintained and updated by Immigration New Zealand

In many cases, applications fail because Immigration does not consider your job offer to be “skilled employment” – even if you and your employer think that it is. We recommend that you seek professional help to make a Skilled Migrant Residence application. Talk to us before you apply.