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The main ways to get a Resident Visa based on employment are all part of the Skilled Residence programme.  All of the 3 available paths rely on you having a job or job offer with an Accredited employer.  See our Work Visas page for more information about Accreditation.  Apart from contract workers, all jobs must be full-time (more than 30 hours per week) and be either permanent or for a fixed term of at least 12 months.

Skilled Migrant Residence

This points-based system opens on 9 October 2023.  It replaces the existing Skilled Migrant policy which ends on 16 August 2023.  In order to apply, applicants must:

  1. Have a job, or a job offer, with an Accredited Employer for a role that qualifies as “skilled employment” – this is determined by how the job is classified and how this compares to the rate of pay
  2. Score 6 points from the skill categories described below

An applicant can score points by:

  1. Their Income OR Qualifications OR NZ Occupational Registration (from 3 to 6 points)
  2. PLUS up to 3 points for previous skilled work experience gained in New Zealand, if required


Straight to Residence

You must have a job in an occupation in Tier 1 of the Green List with an Accredited Employer. Tier 1 mostly includes engineers, medical professionals, and IT specialists. Someone working as a contractor can also be considered if they have at least 6 months of future contract work lined up, but this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Work to Residence

Applicants must have completed 2 years of work in New Zealand after 29 September 2021 with an Accredited Employer in one of the following sets of occupations:

  • Green List Tier 2: Tier 2 mostly includes health workers and technicians, teachers, and some trades workers.  To claim that your job is on the Green List, you must have the qualifications, experience and/or salary specified on the List for that occupation.
  • Care Workforce: These are workers in health, disability and aged care who can be paid at a rate lower than the median wage under a Sector Agreement with the Government.  They include rest home caregivers and assistants in residential mental health or youth facilities.
  • Transport Sector: Bus drivers, truck drivers and certain marine crew.  Bus drivers can qualify with pay below the median wage under the relevant Sector Agreement.

Immigration may question whether your job meets the occupation classification. We have a lot of experience arguing such cases.

Now is a good time to find out if your job is going to qualify you for Residence in the near future.


We have many years’ experience helping people to apply for Residence based on employment, and to work out whether they can apply. We also help you overcome challenges in your new or existing application such as:

– whether your job is a “substantial match” to the occupation classification

– assessment of your qualifications or work experience

– issues about health and character

– concerns that you have provided false or misleading information

– inclusion of your partner and dependent children

If this sounds like you, contact us now.




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