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Businesses wanting to recruit overseas staff must now become an Accredited Employer as the first step of a 3-stage process. They must be prepared to show – among other things – that

• they are financially viable
• their “key people” are compliant with immigration and employment law
• they will give migrant workers information about services and support information, and facilitate them learning about their employment rights

A business wishing to hire more than 5 migrants at once, or which places its staff with another business (such as labour hire companies) must meet additional criteria.

Initial Accreditation is for one year, and can be renewed for up to 2 years at a time. Read our Employer Accreditation Guide to learn more.


Job Check

To make particular jobs available for a non-NZ worker, employers must show that they cannot fill the position locally. Many jobs must be advertised before a candidate can apply for a Work Visa. We have a lot of experience dealing with what used to be called the Labour Market Test. This can be a complex process which involves the following factors:

• The description of the job and the day-to-day tasks actually performed
• The qualifications and/or prior experience required
• Comparing these to how that job is described on the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO)
• The salary being offered – most occupations must be paid at or above the median wage
• The accuracy and thoroughness of advertising the job to the public

Our firm has successfully taken on Immigration for many clients about its assessment of the labour market.
We will work with you to get it right first time, and to review the conditions of employment and the nature of advertising to reduce the risk of nasty surprises along the way.

A successful Job Check gives the employer a Job check number for each of the positions it has applied for. It passes this number to a migrant candidate so that they can apply for a Work Visa.

Read our Accreditation Job Check Guide to learn more.


Migrant Check: A migrant whose experience and/or qualifications fit what was specified at the Job Check stage applies for the visa.

Contact us to see why you should save time and money by letting us manage the process.

Also see our visa services for Corporates which may offer the solution you need.

Migrants – New Zealand faces a serious shortage of skilled workers in certain areas. You could get a visa to work for a New Zealand employer if you have the right skills

You must have an offer of employment from an Accredited Employer before you apply. The employer must give you the associated Job Check number to show that they are allowed to employ a non-New Zealander by passing the Job Check stage.

Read our Accredited Employer Work Visa Guide to learn more.

We can advise you on:

• Whether you have the necessary qualifications and/or work experience
• Whether you have health or character issues that may complicate your application
• What sort of visas your partner and children may be able to get

Contact us if you want help to get through this process.

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