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If you want to settle in New Zealand and have funds to invest here, consider the Investor categories of Residence.

For an overview of the Investor categories, download and read our Investor 1 & 2 Summary.

Investor applicants must place money in “acceptable investments” in New Zealand for a minimum period in order to gain Residence. They must also spend a certain amount of time in New Zealand during the period of their investment.

Read our Acceptable Investment Guide to find out what this important term means. It could make the difference between success and failure.

You can be accepted as an Investor One applicant if you can invest at least NZ$10 million for a minimum of three years. This is not a points-based system and the requirements for approval are easier. Download our Investor 1 Summary to learn more about this premium path to Residence.

The Investor Two category is a points-based system. You can be accepted as an Investor Two applicant if you can invest at least NZ$3 million in New Zealand for a minimum of four years. You get points for the amount of your investment over NZ$3 million, your age, your past business experience and your ability to speak English.

Read our Investor 2 Summary for a blow-by-blow explanation of how to work out if you can apply.

If you want to start or buy a business in New Zealand, consider the Entrepreneur Work Visa.

To succeed in an Entrepreneur visa application, you must show that your proposal will create a significant benefit to New Zealand. Read our detailed Entrepreneur Visa Summary for more specific information to help you decide if you have what it takes.

Many Entrepreneur applications are declined at each stage of the process.  We often strongly advise potential clients to consider other routes to Residence if these are open to them instead.

If you can present a strong business case for a new business proposal, or for an existing business which you intend to buy and operate, you can get Work Visas up to a total of 3 years in order to get the business underway. After two years on the Work Visa you can apply for Residence if the business has operated successfully during all of that time.

You must show that you have enough money:

  • to buy or start the business
  • to pay for its start-up period of operation
  • to pay for you and your family to live in New Zealand while the business grows

You cannot apply for the Entrepreneur Work Visa unless you can show a minimum capital investment of at least $100,000.

You must also show a good track record of owning or managing successful businesses in the past.

The key to a successful Entrepreneur Work Visa application is a full Business Plan which includes financial projections for the first three years of the business, an assessment of the market for the product or service, and evidence to show why the business will succeed. We work together with experienced professionals and consultants to maximise the acceptability of your Business Plan by Immigration, leading to the grant of the Work Visa.