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Laurent Law has in-depth experience in managing NZ visa applications for existing employees of multinational businesses.


Your Human Resources Manager is not permitted by law to act on behalf of your employees when dealing with Immigration New Zealand (INZ). Let us deal with it, right first time, so that you can get on with your core business.


Intracorporate Transfers

The Specific Purpose Work policy lets your company bring a key person in to your New Zealand subsidiary or branch office. You must show that this person has specialist management or technical skills which they will use on a fairly well-defined project or for a limited time. Examples are the set-up of a NZ branch, or the development of the Pacific market. If you want your staff to remain longer than a year or two then we may recommend other visa options instead.

We can help the employee obtain their visa.  In some cases we can also bring their immediate family on concurrent Work and Student Visas.  See our Specific Purpose Work Visa Guide to learn more about the process.

Although we have had success in turning around such applications quickly by negotiating directly with INZ, we recommend that you contact us for advice on the best strategy as early as possible. Depending on what path we agree to take, it may take some time to order and send the necessary documents.


Major Project Visas

You need to bring 50 engineers or specialist tradespeople into New Zealand to complete a stage of a high-value industrial scheme. It looks like a logistical nightmare – and what happens if you’ve got it wrong and the start date is delayed?

We have developed templates and processes around just this sort of scenario. These have been employed successfully, for example, in getting visas for a large group of technicians to work on the Tekapo Canal Remediation project.


Entertainers and Performing Arts

Large theatrical shows visiting New Zealand face a special set of challenges. Laurent Law is proud to have been involved in bringing over the crew for the Walking With Dinosaurs sensation in 2011. Early planning and a structured approach to such cases is essential to ensure being able to lift the curtain on opening night.

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