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A client comes to us after her visa application is declined. She is full of worry because time is running out before she becomes an overstayer. It is clear that the decision against her was not fair.

An immigration adviser calls us about a case where Immigration New Zealand is applying Policy in a harsh manner and has ignored some highly relevant facts. We have a couple of days to formulate a winning response.

These are the situations that lawyers/solicitors thrive on. At Laurent Law we celebrate spectacular results for our clients. We search for original and innovative arguments in order to succeed.

Maybe you need our help.

Other law firms and immigration advisers based in New Zealand and abroad come to us first!


Problem Solving

We have a strong record of success in sorting out situations that at first seem impossible:

  • Overstayer status – “section 61” requests and planning long-term solutions
  • Moves by Immigration to make Residents liable for deportation (e.g., for criminal offending)
  • Cancellation of temporary visas and what to do about it
  • Special Direction requests to the Minister of Immigration when no ordinary category of visa Policy will fit
  • Medical and Character Waivers – where a client’s health or criminal record will otherwise ruin their case


Appeals and Reviews

We are available to take instructions on the following types of cases before Courts and Tribunals:

  • Residence Appeals
  • Deportation Appeals
  • Applications to the High Court against declined Immigration Appeals and loss of Residence
  • Refugee and Protection Appeals
  • Judicial review of decisions made by Immigration New Zealand

Every time we win, somebody’s life has been changed for the better. This is what makes the work worthwhile.

We have repeatedly achieved success in both reported and unpublished decisions.

If you face a complicated situation or one where you do not know what to do, contact our Auckland based office right away to find out how we can help.

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