I Want to Complain!

Your visa is unfairly declined. You are angry and frustrated. You want to write to the Manager and demand that you be treated properly. However, this is not usually going to get you very far. Instead, there are other remedies to explore first which could deliver...

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Partnership Visas 2023

James Turner, Senior Solicitor at Laurent Law delves into the world of Partnership Visas for work, residence or visitors. He looks at the key requirements, where the onus is on the applicant to provide sufficient and acceptable evidence for Immigration New Zealand to...

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How to Win Deportation Appeals

It is frightening to be told that you could be deported. We can't just make the fear go away, but we can give you a fighting chance of avoiding being thrown out of New Zealand.  Laurent Law has had many years of experience dealing with a deportation crisis. Earlier...

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Laurent Law Lowers Consultation Fee

People in New Zealand are facing tough times.  The cost of everyday living has shot up this year.  Business confidence is down, and there has been talk of a recession.  Here at Laurent Law, we want to do our part to help.  Getting the best immigration advice should...

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