We have a YouTube channel. Our latest video blogs provide informative advice about current and trending immigration matters. Be sure to have a look. Click on each heading to access the video.

Visa Exclusion Issues

James Turner talks about Exclusion Issues in his latest Video Blog. An Exclusion is a situation in which a person is excluded from New Zealand. This means the person is not eligible to be granted a visa or entry permission to be in New Zealand. This exclusion can be very serious. A request for a Special Direction is the only way an excluded person can get permission to enter New Zealand.

Essential Skills Work Visas

James Turner explains Essential Skills Work Visas in his latest video blog. This is the main type of visa for people who have a job offer and want to work in New Zealand. This allows people from outside New Zealand to work in New Zealand for a temporary period of time. Some people choose to apply for Residency following on from this. This is the main type of application until the accreditation scheme for employers is implemented.

Section 61 Requests

James Turner guides us through what constitutes a legal status in New Zealand. He also talks explains the meaning and consequences of an illegal status and the options available to those with an unlawful status.

Partnership Visas

Partnership Visas are a common form of Visa application that we assist with at Laurent Law. In his latest video blog James Turner describes the basics of these applications, as well as some more tricky scenarios.

Immigration Medicals & Police Certificates

Medicals and Police Certificates are important documents for Visa applications and there are some quite complicated rules about when they need and do not need to be provided. James Turner, Senior Solicitor, discusses the requirements to provide Medicals and Police Certificates.

Medical Waivers

Everyone applying for a visa must have an acceptable standard of health. For some this can be a real make or break for their application. Find out more in Simon Laurent’s latest video.

Residence Appeals

Having your Residence Application declined is devastating. Simon Laurent of Laurent Law explains the ways that you can appeal, and how professional advice can help you achieve success.

Declines NZ Visas – Reconsiderations

Having your temporary NZ visa declined is not the end of the road. Find out more about reconsideration of visa decisions with Simon Laurent, head of specialist immigration firm Laurent Law

Character Waiver for New Zealand

Everyone applying for a NZ visa must prove that they are of good character. Simon Laurent talks about some of the pitfalls, and what you can do to get out of them.

New Zealand Investor Residence

Simon Laurent talks in detail about why you should consider NZ Residence as an investor, and some of the practical challenges in getting it right.