The world has become a global village and today many people move countries for different reasons. Uplifting roots and going into the unknown is never easy. Often such a move goes hand in hand with leaving friends and family behind when starting a new life in a new country. It is never as easy as you might think but also not as difficult as some would tell you.
You do need to do some homework in preparation for the big decision. Some people may be too careful when considering the move and many people are not careful enough in selecting a new country to live in. Of course, many countries have tightened up on immigration regulations given recent world events. More than this, many countries want to protect their own interests and their people and really only want the cream of the crop to move to their part of the world.

The big question really comes down to the criteria for selecting a new home. The first step would be to ascertain whether your skills will allow you to immigrate. You need to be sure that there will be job opportunities with the prospect of growth in your field of expertise.

From personal experience I know that making the decision to immigrate is daunting. Some criteria I had in my original list and some I realised later on should have been on my list. Perhaps my list as it stands now can make the decision making process easier for someone else out there. There are many factors to consider and not all of them can be listed. The most important ones should be on the list because immigration is a life changing event.

  1. Safety

The world is in turmoil and many people are looking for a safe haven. As an expat South African, this consideration is at the top of my list. I am very sure that many people across the world would be looking for the same. There are lots of (trusted) statistics available to guide you in the right direction. The internet can be useful for something other than keeping up with the Kardashians. Not too many countries – if any – can say that they are crime free but the level of crime should be acceptable to you before you consider a country as a new home.

2. Economy

The economy of the country that you intend to move to should be stable and show growth with good employment opportunities for your line of work. Many countries are going through some challenging times but manage to keep the economy afloat. You would want to move to one of these. The future outlook should be something that you can feel comfortable about.

3. Government System

It is important to ensure that your country of choice is politically stable, which links to the economic stability factor. Logically speaking you would want to go for a democratic governing system, where your freedom as an individual is guaranteed. You would also want the governing party to steer clear of corruption and take a stance on human rights issues. Your free future should be guaranteed as much as possible.

4. Education

Many people make the life changing move to provide a better future for their children. In this case you should research the education system thoroughly to weigh up your options. Many countries offer world class education. Look at the international recognition for universities and other educational institutions to ensure that you children have a bright future for studies and career opportunities. Also consider the overall cost of children and childcare quality.


In the end the decision to migrate is a very personal one, which must feel right for you. We may not all consider the same things important when making that decision but we all understand that we need to be able to justify the reasons to ourselves. It helps if we are prepared and have considered the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision. We all want to think that we did it for the right reasons and we want to remind ourselves what those reasons were when we have some tough moments along the way.

At Laurent Law, we cannot supply your reasons to immigrate but we can certainly assist you on your path to a dream. Understanding whether immigrating to the beautiful New Zealand is an option for you is something we can help with. Don’t hesitate to contact us to assess your eligibility today.