We said goodbye to Mathew Martin on Friday, 2 June 2017. Mat was part of the team since November 2015. He moved to Australia with his partner and although this is a new and exciting adventure for him, he was sad to leave us behind.

There are critical factors that must be in place before any group can function as a leadership team and Mat contributed to each of these in his own very special way. His support, goal orientation, collaboration on initiatives and commitment to making this team a leadership team will live on.

Mat was particularly committed to the human side of immigration and the difference that he could make to the lives of others. To him it was not only about the goal of securing the desired visas for clients, but to give them what they wanted more than anything. Our clients have a dream of living and working in New Zealand and contributing to society as a whole in the most positive way. Mat made it his dream to help them do this. We are thrilled to be a part of the journey that both our clients and Mat undertake to reach their dream goals.

Mat left us with a challenge to replace him with someone just as special but we rose to the occasion and appointed not one but two very worthy team members. Dew James will join us in early July and Jacqui Lee will join us in the middle of July. Our two newest team members will continue to chase dreams for our clients to help them live and work in this beautiful country. It is so that not every dream can be achieved. We always strive to provide our clients with the best solution under the circumstances. Because of our solid reputation and commitment to our clients, we had no shortage of candidates who wanted to join this prestigious firm. Dew and Jacqui have experience and compassion for the job at hand and we look forward to having them on board.