In July, I wrote about the Case of the Health Care Assistant. After an unnecessarily complex and expensive process by INZ which was eventually sorted out after a formal complaint, I’m delighted to confirm that our client has been granted her work visa.

Unfortunately, she, as does anyone who has a visa application declined, must in any future visa application to any country, admit she has had a NZ visa declined, which may raise character concerns. Coincidentally, while her case was in process, we were contacted by another major organisation in the health care field with an almost identical situation. As a result of that call, I presented a seminar to their staff and management on the issues involved, what is achievable, what is not, and why.

The presentation was really well received, even though what I had to say was not what some wanted to hear. It was not surprising that many there had only a vague understanding of the rules applying to work visas and it was disappointing to hear of people doing the wrong thing based on hearsay and hope.

In the course of the presentation, there were many stories of incompetent advice by lawyers and advisers who it seemed, were willing to attempt anything the client asked for, whether or not it could work; and it became obvious that there is a shortage of good immigration advice available to health care employees.

I would be happy to meet with other health care organisations at no charge [other than a coffee and cake J] to explain to them and their people, what is possible, what is not and why.

Email me at [email protected], or phone 09 630 0411