Another life on hold!
We’ve just interviewed another ex-student whose work visa application has run into trouble. She graduated from a local private training institute with a level 7 qualification in Health Care Management. She obtained an offer of employment as a Care Assistant with a reputable and well known retirement village in Auckland.

Unfortunately INZ was not advised that she has hopes of completing her nursing training and in due course, moving through into management roles.

She lodged an application for a post study work visa but her application was declined because in the opinion of the case officer, “The major subject of your qualification is Management with a Healthcare focus … your job … is not a management position”. Her qualification transcript identifies that ‘management’ was not ‘the major subject’

However, her lawyer sought a reconsideration of the decision and his letter comprises three pages of suggestions and persuasion, but does not dispute the INZ assumption, provided no facts and no supporting documentation. In my opinion, the lawyer has provided nothing new which could justify a different decision.

We have requested that INZ cease action on the request until we have had time to prepare submissions, and hopefully, the damage done is able to be overcome.

Another life on hold [with some risk of deportation] because people assumed that obtaining a work visa is simple and did not realise that INZ can only decide applications on the facts and how they are presented to them.