One of the most critical documents in an employer-based work visa or SMC application is the Position Description (PD), aka Job Description.

The PD must show in detail, exactly what your job entails and INZ will cross-reference your PD to the tasks identified in ANZSCO – a 900 page classification of occupations in Australia and NZ.  Although ANZSCO is only partially relevant to many positions, it is the only publication available.
INZ refer to it in detail when considering immigration applications and they can be brutal in declining applications where they cannot readily identify that the PD is very closely aligned to the ANZSCO description of the role.

We see a surprising number of PDs, especially from larger corporates, where a generic PD has been produced covering multiple positions, which effectively say, do as you are told, help anyone who needs it and don’t disobey the rules.  How can a case officer identify from that, what your job is, and if it correlates with ANZSCO?

Make it easier for INZ to say yes simply by helping them to understand exactly what you do, who you report to, and which positions report to you.