It is officially spring, although apparently no one informed the Auckland weather yesterday. While we dry out from that awful rain, it’s time to think about breaking out the BBQ’s and booking that Christmas bach.

A lot has happened here at Laurent Law in the last two weeks. I popped down to Wellington for a short week break and returned a few kilos heavier after all the amazing food they have to offer in the capital.
Unfortunately Bill Milnes has been in hospital this week but with luck he should return on the 7th September.
Monday also sees Simon Laurent returning from his month long European adventure which is a relief for us as we hear he’s bringing wine back with him.
We said goodbye to Stephan du Plessis last week and wish him all the best in his new role in Hamilton.

And finally we have to thank James Turner for his first contribution to the blog a few weeks ago with a story about visas into NZ being sold by an immigration officer.