It’s officially Autumn. The weather may still be scorching but you’ll find Autumn flavours bursting into my kitchen already. I love the spices and the homely feeling that the season brings. So today I’ve got a round up of my favourite Autumn Recipes for you to get cracking with in the kitchen while we wait for the days to cool down.

1. Cinnamon Buns
These beautiful yeasty buns from Joy are fantastic for chilly Autumn mornings. Serve hot with a glass of milk or cold with a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Perfect Autumn Cinnamon Buns

Autumn Cinnamon Buns

2. Thai Corn Coconut Soup

Tracy knows her soups! These soup has the perfect amount of kick with some red curry paste and optional hot sauce on top. This will keep you warm as the weather cools down.

Autumn Thai Corn Coconut Soup

Thai Corn Coconut Soup

3. Sweet Potato Meringue Pie
Martha is a genius when it comes to mashing things together and making something tasty. This is a heavier, more season appropriate cousin to the Lemon Meringue pie and tastes like Autumn on a fork.

Sweet Potato Meringue Pie

Sweet Potato Meringue Pie for Autumn

4. Autumn Cornish Pasties
These Cornish Pasties may not be traditional but they will be tasty! Serve them up for Sunday dinners or stick them in a lunch box for something quick and easy. They make everyone smile with their taste sensation.

Autumn Cornish Pasties

Autumn Cornish Pasties

5. Chicken Paillard with Chopped Salad Nicoise
Phoebe knows all about healthy comfort food and if you’re looking for something seasonal but also light, look no further than this chicken and salad dish!

Autumn, chicken Salad

Chicken Paillard with Salad Nicoise

We hope you enjoy your Autumn season and the food it brings with it.