Today we’re catching up with our Principal, Simon Laurent.
Simon is the top dog here at Laurent Law and a lovely man to work for. He is passionate about his work and his wine and he cares deeply for those around him. He’s taken the time to answer our 10 questions and hopefully you’ll find them as interesting as I did.

Question 1: What qualifications do you have under your belt?
Bachelor of Science majoring in Nuclear and Quantum Physics; Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

Question 2: Where did you grow up?
I have lived in Auckland all my life, and probably always will.

Question 3: Do you have any hobbies?
Yes, but not enough time to indulge them.  I sing tenor in a church choir; enjoy studying Eastern and Western philosophy, including learning Ancient Greek (slowly!); play acoustic guitar; used to take parts in performances of Shakespeare, but haven’t done that for some time.

Question 4: What is your favourite meal?
One with food in it.  I’m no connoisseur, although it’s hard to go past a well-cooked eye fillet steak.

Question 5: What is your proudest achievement so far?
Building and retaining the firm’s good reputation as immigration specialists.

Question 6: If you could go anywhere without money being an obstacle, where would you go?
Venice.  Again.  A most extraordinary place.

Question 7: What do you enjoy most about working at Laurent Law?
Running into curly technical questions in the tricky cases that come up – and solving them.

Question 8: What is your drink of choice?
In winter, a well-crafted Bordeaux.  In summer, a crisp gin & tonic.

Question 9: What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A fighter pilot.  Yes, well, like that was going to happen . . .

Question 10: If you could have anyone, dead or alive, for dinner, who would it be?
Someone tender and tasty.  But seriously, I would love to have a conversation over dinner with the physicist and polymath Roger Penrose.