If you’ve been following our Facebook Page then you’ll see that we like to post small clips of interesting news and facts to our page. If you liked that (or think you might) then you can find more stories at these sites that I class as my top 5 sites to pull interesting stories from.
These sites offer up interesting news pieces as well as opinion and human interest stories. They have something for everyone and you can find something for everyone.

1// NZ Herald
A Kiwi staple, the Herald offers good online content with the option to subscribe for more features.

2// Stuff.co.nz
I find that Stuff offers more human interest stories and deals with issues that don’t necessarily effect the nation as a whole but smaller pockets of people like communities, schools and families.

3// The Wall Street Journal
Not everything is available without a subscription and you’ll normally get an above the fold blurb before they tell you to subscribe for more but the WSJ is great for heavy global issues. The Asia section deals with Australasia really and is great to find out what our neighbours are up to and what effects them.

4// The Guardian UK
Known as a big player in the UK, the Guardian brings you political issues facing Britain and Europe. They also have an entertainment section for those interested in the celebrities of the UK.

5// Buzzfeed
This is technically an entertainment site and not a news site but it offers interesting pieces as well as light hearted stories. It’s good for a browse and it’s also region dependent.